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Watching the Waltz: Weed Seeds and Tillage

Tillage is essential for termination of overwintering foliage (e.g., multifunction crops, weeds) and seedbed preparation, but can degrade biological and physical soil function, or health

a tractor in a field.

Tillage, Soil Health, and Weeds: WSU Organic Transitions Project

With recent funding acquired from WSU’s BIOAg Grant Program, we initiated an experiment this spring to evaluate the impact that tillage has on soil health metrics, weed populations, and crop growth.

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New Nematode Resource Developed by WSU Students

Here is an infographic entitled “Nematodes: Friend or Foe?”

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Identifying Soil Health Indicators for Central Washington Orchards

Our group set out to identify a set of soil health indicators that are useful to track in Central Washington orchards. Specifically, we were challenged to track which factors may be limiting to yield and fruit

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What is “soil health,” anyway?

Soil health has become a popular topic in agricultural and environmental sectors over the last decade, and soil scientists around the world have rejoiced that others are recognizing the importance of soils to the systems on which our societies rely.