Our Work

The Washington Soil Health Initiative Roadmap is a detailed plan to maintain and improve soil health in Washington state. The 124-page living document outlines the current issues of soil health and barriers to adopting soil health-promoting practices.

The cover of the WaSHI roadmap.
Two Man on the Field

Nearly 1,000 soil samples have been collected across Washington's diverse regions and cropping systems as a part of the State of the Soils Assessment.

Six long-term agroecological research and extension (LTARE) sites have been established in each of Washington's unique agroecological regions.

Multiple farm field
Tractor removing Grass from field

Sustainable Farms and Fields is a grant program that makes it easier and more affordable for farmers and ranchers to implement climate-smart practices.

Bringing soil health experts together from across the country, SoilCon is Washington's soil health conference.

soilcon resource roundup.
A field with rows of corn and trees in the background, showcasing the Washington soil health initiative's projects.

A free voluntary program, STAR: Saving Tomorrow's Agricultural Resources, is going live in Washington to generate public recognition and economic valuation for on-farm soil heath management.

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