WaSHI Soil Health Roadmap

Washington's guide to improving soil health

Initiative partners interviewed agricultural stakeholders using extensive surveys, listening sessions, and focus groups to understand the current issues of soil health, barriers to the adoption of soil health-promoting practices, and to identify goals and milestones, all to set a detailed plan to maintain and improve soil health.

The resulting Soil Health Roadmap described the following needs: quick, cost-effective methods to assess soil health; information on translating soil health knowledge into practical management decisions; an approach that acknowledges differences in soil health across regions and cropping systems; a better understanding of soil biology; and resources for growers to experiment with soil health practices on their land.

This 124-page document provides a comprehensive, science-based plan for improving soil health in the state, recognizing the importance of healthy soil for creating a more resilient food system. The roadmap serves as a valuable resource for farmers, policymakers, and other stakeholders seeking to promote sustainable and resilient agriculture practices in Washington State.

The goals set during the roadmap are and will continue to be evaluated during WaSHI-hosted events and stakeholder listening sessions. By keeping these goals are the forefront of our projects, we ensure agency partners are grounded in the needs of our stakeholders.

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