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SoilCon24 Recordings

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If you are looking for more soil health content head over to the Washington Soil Health Initiative YouTube channel.

As a part of SoilCon24, there were four separate events:

  • Global Perspectives, which brought together experts from across the Globe to talk about soil health projects.
  • Diversified Organic Systems, which focused on soil management in organic systems and provided insight into animal integration.
  • Irrigated Perennials Systems, which included an awesome producer panel and thoughts on innovative management in irrigated systems.
  • NW WA Annual Crops that provided an opportunity to talk about cover crops, insights from the long-term agroecological research and extension site, and incentive opportunities
  • Dryland Systems, which focused on soil carbon and included an insightful panel about carbon credits. This event also focused on livestock integration in a low-rainfall environment.

SoilCon: Global Perspectives

SoilCon: NW WA Annual Crops

SoilCon: Diversified Organic Systems

SoilCon: Dryland Systems

SoilCon: Irrigated Perennial Systems

Making science-based soil health information more accessible

SoilCon has been an incredible resource for those interested in improving soil health across the globe. Over the past three years, the event has brought together 84 experts from across the country to share their expertise on a range of topics, including long-term research, soil biology, and Native American perspectives on soil health. Over three years, SoilCon has covered many subjects, providing something for everyone.

Thanks to generous sponsorship from Western SARE, SoilCon has been available to all attendees for free. The organizers from various Washington-based organizations invested countless hours in surveying the interests of agricultural professionals to ensure that the conference covered the most relevant topics. SoilCon has successfully featured various soil health-related topics, including policy updates, farmer perspectives, and research findings shared through concise lightning talks. SoilCon has been a valuable resource for agricultural professionals, providing them with up-to-date information on soil health topics for free.

SoilCon, over the past three years, has brought together 84 speakers, over 2,000 attendees from over 20 countries, and 30% were repeat attendees.

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