Logo Usage Guidelines

These guidelines have been developed to assist you with the proper use of the Washington Soil Health Initiative (WaSHI) logo.

The logo is the primary symbol for the Washington Soil Health Initiative and should appear on all visual communications that represent WaSHI.

Logo Editing Prohibited

You may not place any element in front of the WaSHI logo.

You may not outline or add gradients or effects to the WaSHI logo.

Protect Integrity

The WaSHI logo should be used only when referring to WaSHI in an effort to advance scientifically backed research and practices in soil health. Any other use is prohibited.

Hyperlinking the logo to wasoilhealth.org is required in all digital communications.

The wasoilhealth.org website address is required to be used in any printed document whenever WaSHI logo is visible within that document.

These guidelines are subject to change only by the Washington Soil Health Initiative.

WaSHI reserves the right and has sole discretion to terminate or modify permission to display the logo and may request that third parties modify or delete any use of the logo that does not comply with these usage guidelines.

Please contact soil.health@wsu.edu for questions related to authorized use of the WaSHI logo.