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a person walking through a field.

A Farmer’s Guide to Collecting Soil Samples

Read a farmer’s guide to collecting soil samples

WSU Small Grains-Soil and Water Resources

Visits the Washington State University small grains website to find a wealth of resources

Soil Acidification Series: Implications for Management – an Introduction

Decreasing soil pH, also called soil acidification, is a growing concern in eastern Washington and northern Idaho.

Managing salt-affected soils for crop production

Salt accumulation in soil can reduce crop yields and affect soil structure. Learn how to evaluate the salts present in soils and to select appropriate management practices to maintain soil health and crop productivity

a person holding a soil probe towards the camera.

WSDA Soil Sampling Videos

Find videos about soil sampling created by the Washington Department of Agriculture.

Conservation Tillage in a Winter Wheat – Fallow System, Ron Jirava (Farmer-to-Farmer Case Study Series)

Description: Ron Jirava’s approach to conservation tillage helps his farm to remain economically viable. Learn more in this farmer-to-farmer case study

EXAMPLE: Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program

Producers receive rental payments, a signup incentive payment, and practice payment incentives, up to $50,000 per year for contract terms between 10-15 years, for removing environmentally sensitive land from production.

Biosolids in Dryland Cropping Systems

This publication reviews the long-term benefits of municipal biosolids applications on soil health in dryland cereal and pasture cropping systems east of the Cascades

Fertilizing with Biosolids

Focuses on how biosolids can be used to supply nutrients to crops

Compost use for tree fruit

Compost can improve soil quality and nutrient, water, and pest regulation, but proper consideration is critical: in-depth exploration provided here