Mount Vernon LTARE Site

a map with the location of the mount vernon site.

Key Objective

Identify and promote management practices that enhance soil health, carbon sequestration, and the environmental and economic sustainability of agricultural systems in northwestern Washington.

Cropping System and Region

Northwestern Washington Potato-Based Annual Cropping Systems


Climate and Soil Type

Annual high temperature: 59 F

Annual low temperature: 42 F

Average annual precipitation: 33 in

Primary soil type: Skagit silt loam




16 acres with four primary treatments

Site Leaders

Gabriel LaHue - Soil Scientist, WSU

Deirdre Griffin LaHue - Soil Scientist, WSU

Chris Benedict - Weed Scientist, WSU


Chakradhar Mattupalli - Plant Pathologist, WSU

Louie Nottingham - Entomologist, WSU

Investigating reduced disturbance and increased organic matter additions

In field treatment signs-01
In field treatment signs-02
In field treatment signs-03
In field treatment signs-04

Resources from the Mount Vernon LTARE Site