Othello LTARE Site

A map with the location of the Othello site.

Key Objective

Understand how crop rotation length, fumigation, bio-fumigants, and compost impact disease suppression and overall soil health

Cropping System and Region

Columbia Basin Irrigated Cropping Systems


WSU - Honey Bee Facility in Othello,  Washington

Climate and Soil Type

Annual high temperature: 60 F

Annual low temperature: 38 F

Average annual precipitation: 8 in

Primary soil type: Shano silt loam


Estimated 2024


To be determined


Steve Culman -  Soil Scientist


Andy McGuire -  Regional Extension Agronomist

Mark Pavek - Potato Researcher

Ken Frost - Plant Pathologist 

Rui Lui - Weed Scientist

Tim Waters - Regional Vegetable Specialist

Investigating crop rotation, bio-fumigants, and compost 

Treatment information coming soon...

A potato field with irrigation.