Wilke LTARE Site

a map with the location of the Wilke LTARE

Key Objective

Improve soil health and promote economically sustainable farms through increased implementation of soil health management acorss eastern Washington. 

Cropping System and Region

Eastern Washington Dryland Systems


WSU - Wilke Research and Extension Farm in Davenport, Washington. 

Climate and Soil Types

Annual high temperature: 57 F

Annual low temperature: 33 F

Average annual precipitation: 14 in

Soil type: Broadax silt loam




Two acres with two primary treatments


Haly Neely - Soil Scientist

Aaron Esser - Regional Extension Agronomist

Shikha Singh - Assistant Professor 


Chad Kruger -  Livestock Farmer

Investigating livestock intensification in dryland cropping systems

Symbols showing the treatments at the Wilke LTARE

Resources from the WIlke LTARE site